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Brick Brewery Beer Review

Address: Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London SE15 4QL


South East London is not just great for food and eating out, we also have some fantastic brews in this part of the city. After a few food reviews, I thought it was time to review one of my favourite things, beer! And Brick Brewery in Peckham make one of my all time favourites, Peckham Pils.

Peckham Pils is one of the best beers I have had the pleasure of drinking. I am quite fortunate that Good Food in Catford stock it and they are only a short stroll from my house. Peckham Pils is a pilsner type beer (4.8%) with a stong, complex flavour. It is quite hoppy but it also has a subtle sweetness to balance it out. It is very refreshing and perfect for a hot summers day. It tastes how I imagine a Pilsner tasted before the big drinks companies started mass producing terrible imitations and ruined the market.

Brick Brewery produce a range of drinks, but their sours range caught my attention so I also had to try a few. I went for the Rhubarb Sour and also the Citrus Sour. They make the sours range of beers using seasonal ingredients and they are quite fruity as well as sour, even people who don't usually go for a beer could enjoy these. The Rhubarb Sour (2.5%) is sweet and a little tart, also sour (of course!) with a lovely Rhubarb flavour and the low alcohol content means that you can have one and not worry about being impaired if you need to cycle your bike home afterwards! The Citrus Sour (4.3%) is quite zesty, very bitter and very refreshing. You can really taste the lemon and grapefruit they use in production. Claire, who is not a beer fan, was very impressed and described it eloquently when she said "It's refreshing as f*ck!"

At £3 a can it is not the cheapest beer, but if you want a quality product made with quality ingredients you need to spend a few extra quid. If you like a good quality beer make sure to pick up a few cans and see for yourself. They have a bar at the brewery but I haven't had the pleasure of going myself, I have heard good things though.

If anybody has heard of any other great South East London Brewerys please let me know, I need to try and review more quality local beers! (for research purposes, obviously).

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