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Brockley's Rock

Location: 317 Brockley Rd, Brockley, London SE4 2QZ


I absolutely love a good fish and chips, growing up in a small port town in Ireland, fish and chips are almost a religion to me (I once went on a driving holiday along the South Coast of England, trying fish and chips everywhere and searching for the best spot). So it always fills my heart with happiness when I find a top quality vendor, especially so close to home. Brockley's Rock are a small fish and chip shop on Brockley Road, serving sustainable seafood and of course chips!

While there are many places in South East London that do incredible chips, this is the first place I have been to that do truly spectacular cod. The fish was meaty, with large flaky flesh, the cod fried to perfection... crispy and light yet not too greasy which is a hard thing to manage when you are deep frying in oil! The cod is sustainably sourced too which means you can eat guilt free knowing you are not contributing to over fishing. We also had the thai fishcake and you could tell that they haven't used the cheap off cuts they couldn't sell, it was lovely; meaty and perfectly spiced. And of course I can't forget the chips, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they were truly cooked to perfection. They don't just do your standard fish and chip shop fare (the usual suspects all make an appearance), they also have a great selection of grilled fish (rock, whitebait, mackerel, seabass and haddock to name a few) as well as having a good vegan and vegetarian selection if you are that way inclined. They have a sit down restaurant as well as the takeaway, but the restaurant is closed at the moment due to Covid-19. You need to pre order over the phone if you want to collect.

They do deliver on just-eat but unfortunately we are out of the delivery range, but I will say that it is well worth the 10 minute cycle from Catford to go and collect (I get to burn off some of the calories from the meal while at it) This place is my favourite fish and chip shop in London, not just South East but in the wider city too. Price wise they are very reasonable. Claire and myself got everything you see in the picture for around £15, including the can of coke. You can't argue with prices like that! If you are a fish and chip fan, you need to get yourself down to Brockley's Rock as soon as possible.

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