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Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, Gipsy Hill

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Address: 8, 160 Hamilton Road, Norwood, London SE27 9SF


I'm always banging on about how great Good Food in Catford is, and I have another reason to give them a mention. I found yet another great South East London beer there the other day, and if there is anything I love more than beer, it is beer that has been brewed in South East London!

Another young brewery, the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company was founded in 2014 by 3 mates with a vision, they rented a premises, bought all of the equipment and the rest is history. In that short time they have gone from small scale production to being one of the best quality brewers in town.

Hepcat is one of their best selling products and when I had a sip I could see why, fruity with a lovely fresh taste, it is everything a session IPA should be. The Helles Lager was also amazing, a helles style lager with a light bitterness and just a touch of sweetness. I also tried the Bandit gluten free pale ale and I honestly wouldn't have known it was a gluten free beer if it didn't say so right there on the can. A can of their beer will set you back between £2.50 and £3, similar to a lot of very good craft beers, its great value for the quality of beer you get.

They don't just brew beer, they also have a taproom on site where you can try their brews at their freshest. And thats not all, after the success of a pop up, they decided to open their own pub in Anerley; The Douglas Fir which is supposed to be a great venue. I had to try their brews in the comfort of my own home due to the current situation, but I will definitely be checking out the taproom and pub as soon as this whole Covid thing blows over!

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