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Good Food, Catford

Location: Unit 7, Sandhurst Market, Sandhurst Rd, Catford, London SE61DL


Good Food is a grocery store & café located on Sangley Road in the heart of the Corbett Estate in Catford. They sell all manner of fresh, quality ingredients including artisan bread like St. John’s Bakery and Coopers of Brockley, artisan cheese from Neil’s Yard Dairy and others, organic vegetables, flowers, locally brewed beers like those from brick brewery, “fill your own bottle” wine, pastries and all of the usual products you would associate with a decent grocery shop. They frequently have in store tastings with the artisan producers whose products they stock. And I would say they probably do the best flat white in Catford! They also have a cheese club but we have not joined yet but apparently it is great!

They have a focus on being environmentally friendly, sourcing produce locally where possible and if you grow your own veg and have a surplus, they will swap for vouchers to use in store.

The staff are lovely and always up for a friendly bit of chat. This place is a huge asset to the local community. We’re so lucky to have a place like this such a short walk from our home!

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