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How to be a Curry Legend by The Spicery

A few years ago I bought this book for Chris for Christmas. He is curry obsessed so I thought a book to make him a curry legend would be perfect. Fast forward a few years and he has yet to cook anything out of it, but I LOVE it! 

When you buy the book you also get 4 spice blends which include all the spices you need for the recipes. These include the Methi Blend including Fenugreek, The Jeera Blend, made up of whole Cumin and Mustard Seeds (which pop in the pan), The Mirchi Blend which is full of different kind of chillies and adds the heat and finally the Haldi Blend, full of Turmeric adding colour to your curries. The recipes include different combinations of each spice mix, i.e 1 teaspoon of Jeera Blend and 2 teaspoons of Mirchi Blend, creating a huge range of curry flavours. They create really authentic tasting curries without all the grinding and blending of spices you usually need. It also means you don’t need to have hundreds of spices in your pantry, even though we have all of those too!

The 'before' shot

Chris loves the more authentic style of Indian cooking and is happy to grind spices for hours. I totally understand the importance of more traditional cooking styles, but this book allows you to put a delicious quick curry on the table, that would rival any good take away. Because all the spices are ready to be thrown in the pan the recipes are pretty quick to make. There’s a bit of prep involved, but once’s everything’s ready to be thrown in the pan it all comes together quickly. 

Homemade Mango Chutney

My favourite thing about any curry is all the add ons. Pickles, chutneys and yoghurts are the best bit as far as I’m concerned and this book doesn’t disappoint. The sundries and bread section is extensive, using the same spice mixes to create delicious enhancements for your curry.   What I Cooked: Prawn Pathia 

Karahi Chicken  Bombay Potatoes Mango Chutney (Now that I've made homemade chutney I'm never going back to the jarred stuff) Chilli and Garlic Chutney Coriander ChutneyCoriander Raita Carrot Pickle

The Feast!

Available from There are a number of other books avalible too, including Vegetarian Currys and World Curries. 

Prawn Pathia and Karahi Chicken

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