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Maltby Street Market, Bermondsey

Location: Maltby Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3PA


One of our favourite street food markets in London, Maltby Street Market is in Bermondsey, midway between Bermondsey and London Bridge Station. It runs along a charming little alley full of railway arches and the atmosphere is electric, with flags of the world draped through the air and hordes of hungry punters trying to decide which of the delectable treats to go for.

It has a fantastic selection of food stalls despite its small size, to name a few: vietnamese baguettes, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, Ethiopian Food, steak, Italian food and much more besides! It also has a number of permanent traders such as little bird gin and the wonderful wine bar, 40 Maltby St. There is really something for everyone here so it is a great spot to stay for a few drinks after you have stuffed your face. It is great value too, I don't recall anything costing more than £10 (apart from the fancy bottle of wine we shared afterwards)

This spot is a must see if you're in London and you are a fan of tasty food!

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