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Raastawala Food Truck, Mobile

Location: Various Locations in South East London and beyond


Raastawala is a family run street food truck serving seriously good Indian food all over South East London (and beyond). I'm not going to lie, they have some of the best grub you can find in the local area, and I have incredibly high standards when it comes to Indian food, more so than other cuisines. It is run by a lovely lady called Rinku and her family, who have been working the street food scene for several years now and really know their stuff.

They are best known for their Kati Rolls, a street food popular in Kolkata which consists of a soft pillowy naan bread, tender perfectly cooked meat (like tandoori chicken or lamb), fresh crunchy salad and topped with their home made coriander and chilli chutneys, they are amazingly tasty and worth travelling for. They also have dirty fries; chips covered in a delicious chickpea curry and topped with salad and lashings of green chutney, bliss!

Since Covid hit they have altered their business model slightly, while still selling food from the truck they have started delivering food too, albeit with a slightly different angle. They are selling meal kits of food which you warm up yourself at home and they are amazing! By far the best Indian food we have had delivered to our house. We ordered recently and we ended up having some very tender and succulent Tandoori chicken, which came with some lovely sides including a creamy dal, rice, some very tasty beetroot fritters, coriander chutney and onion bhajis. It also came with spicy water bombs, little pastry cups to which you add a spicy potato mix as well as tamarind water and gobble the whole thing like a piece of sushi, they are really great!

Whether you decide to head to the food truck or go for the home delivery option, you need to try some Raastawala food soon. Their tasty bites will have you coming back time and time again.

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