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The Gold of Naples, Hither Green

Location: 134 Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, London SE13 6QA


The Gold of Naples is a neapolitan pizza restaurant in Hither Green that do some incredible pizza, as good as you will get anywhere in London. Forget about the plasticy cheese and doughy bases of Dominos and Papa Johns, this place does authentic pizza, just the way they make it in Italy. The pizzas are huge and loaded with toppings, the sourdough bases crisp and beautifully charred and the ingredients are fresh and of a great quality. The highlight of the meal was the burratta pizza which was on special, an already perfect pizza topped with a beautiful velvety ball of burratta. We had a lovely bottle of chianti which was reasonably priced and very much enjoyed our meal.

You need to be careful about what you order though as, just like in Italy, some of the pizzas come with no tomato sauce or no cheese. The first time I ordered delivery I ordered a pizza with no cheese, the second time I was looking so hard for a pizza with cheese on the menu that I ordered a pizza with no tomato sauce! Both were absolutely delicious, I think any place that can make a pizza with no cheese taste incredible is definitely employing pizza chefs with a significant amount of talent.

They mainly focus on deliveries as far as I can tell and as such, the restaurant is very small, only about 4 tables as far as I could see and it is not very fancy, but still has a great environment despite this. If you are going to visit make sure to call ahead and book a table to avoid disappointment!

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