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Villages Brewery, Deptford

Address: 21-22 Resolution Way, Deptford, London SE8 4NT

While shopping in Good Food Catford one day, I spotted a beer that I hadn't seen before, and even better, it was from South East London! We like to support local businesses as much as possible and fortunately, there are many quality producers of my favourite drink in the local area. Villages Brewery are no exception.

They are a fairly recent addition to South East London, the brewery didn't open its doors until 2016. Despite this, after tasting the beers you would swear they had been brewing them for decades. They have a decent selection of brews of which I tried a few; the Whistle Pilsner is a classic Czech Pilsner, light and refreshing with a sharp, crisp flavour, this is exactly the type of drink I like to have while relaxing in the sunshine. The Rafiki Session IPA is another great drink that they brew, it has bags of flavour, slightly bitter while also retaining a freshness you don't get in an IPA often, a delicious drink that is very moreish.

Lastly I tried the Isolation IPA, this is a charitable product the brewery created to support the effort in dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19. In partnership with the National Emergency Trust and the Red Cross they have brewed this delicious beer to raise money, all of which is donated to the aforementioned charities who distribute the funds to charitable organisations around the UK. These guys are hero's helping the most vulnerable in our society at this trying time and the beer tastes even better knowing that the proceeds of the sale are going towards the people who need it most.

A can of these beers go for somewhere in the region of £2.50 to £3 in most shops, which is more expensive than the cheap cans you get in the supermarket, but the quality of the beer makes it very good value for money. You can buy cans in bulk on their website for slightly less. One thing I know for sure, I'll be having another of these tasty beers in the not too distant future!

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